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Vehicle Tracking 2Keep your plant machinery safe from theft

More than six million people in the UK now work alone, ranging from travelling salespeople to receptionists at housing showrooms, from fitters and tradespeople to security guards. Protecting your valuable plant and commercial vehicles, particularly on remote or unguarded construction sites, can be a major challenge 

Pioneering 24-hour tracking technology

G.I.S makes it simple and cost effective to keep tabs on all of your vehicles with our advanced tracking devices. We were the first company in the UK to offer a 24-hour tracking service for all plant machinery. The device is hidden inside your vehicle and enables our control centre team to monitor its whereabouts at all times 

Simplifying effective asset recovery

If a vehicle is moved or tampered with outside working hours or during agreed hours of protection, an alert is sent to our control room. The tracking device enables us to follow the movement of your equipment in real time and to keep you fully informed. By proactively monitoring the location of your vehicle we can involve our mobile patrol and, ultimately, the police in recovering your assets.

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