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Protect the safety and wellbeing of people who work alone

More than six million people in the UK now work alone, ranging from travelling salespeople to receptionists at housing showrooms, from fitters and tradespeople to security guards. 

Discreet, mufti-function tracking and alert devices

All employers have a duty of care to look after the welfare and safety of lone workers. To help you do this, G.I.S provides sophisticated, multi- function personal tracking devices. These small, robust GPS units can be worn discreetly on a belt or in a pocket and used to alert our monitoring centre at the press of a button in the event of an incident. They also enable our control room officers to track individual members of staff and pinpoint their precise location. 

The devices feature an SOS alert button allowing workers to summon help, a 'Call Me' button to request a call from registered contacts, and an impact alert which is triggered in the event of a sudden impact and no subsequent movement. The device can even be used for two-way communications with authorised telephone numbers.

Lone worker devices"Personal tracking and alert devices are a simple but effective way to keep lone workers safe — giving them the reassurance that they're not alone if they ever need help."