Guard International Security

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Keyholding 1Take the risk out of key holding responsibilities

Outsourcing your key holding requirements to G.I.S gives you the assurance that your essential keys are held securely by professional, trustworthy security personnel - reducing the risks associated with appointing employee key holders. 

Rapid-response service — 24 hours a day

Your keys are held in secure areas and electronically logged in and out, following a rigorous procedure that creates a fully audited record. In the event of an alarm activation or other incident requiring attendance at the site, your key holder will respond immediately, reducing the time that might otherwise be spent alerting an employee at unsociable hours or collecting keys from a central location.

Providing peace of mind for diverse businesses

The G.I.S key holding service is popular with many types of business, ranging from doctors' surgeries and schools to cashpoint operators and precious metal suppliers.

This service is conducted in accordance with British Standard BS7984.

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