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COM GuardUnrivalled security at a fraction of the cost 

Unrivalled security at a fraction of the cost The Com-Guard system is a versatile, technology-driven security solution that is easy to deploy and avoids the need to have a guard on site - significantly reducing your costs.

Constant monitoring to protect your property and assets

Whether you need to protect expensive equipment in remote locations, secure complex construction sites or safeguard your empty building, Com-Guard can be adapted to meet your specific The Com-Guard package includes all equipment, installation and remote monitoring, backed up by mobile patrol officers.

Self-powered system for rapid deployment 

The Com-Guard system is installed quickly and efficiently on site with minimal disruption to your operations It is powered by an internal power pack, so there is no need far on-site wiring or mains connections The system has no range limitations so it can be deployed on sites of any size Once your Com-Guard panel is installed, the security devices on your site can immediately be monitored from our control centre. Reports of any incidents are sent to you by 10am the following day, detailing every alarm or tracker activation, our response times and the actions taken.

Add-ons to enhance your protection

You can enhance your Com-Guard solution with a range of add-ons, such as portable CCTV systems, Asset Tracking, Loan Worker which helps to safeguard new boilers fitted on building sites Property Watch offers the services of highly trained mobile officers who will visit your site at agreed intervals each day Their vehicles are flitted with everything from CCTV and tracking devices to first- aid and firefighting equipment, so they can respond effectively to any incident.

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"When we switched our site security to Com-Guard we immediately saw a 50% - reduction in security costs, and thefts dropped dramatically. It's a system that really works for us and we would not consider reverting back to man-guarding now."
Stephen Payne, Commercial Director, Rippon Hotnes